Oguta Lake: This is the largest natural lake in Imo State and is supposed to have originated from a natural depression. The lake resort is located in the heart of the ancient kingdom in Oguta and is one of the most prominent tourist sites. It is believed by the indigenes to be inhabited by a goddess “Ogbuide” who the natives believe offer them protection, abundant wealth and prosperity. The lake is also famous by the car ferry that runs every twenty minutes across the lake. The lake holiday resort is a conglomerate of natural, artificial and historical attractions. Here you will savour the serenity of the beautiful lake surrounded by green vegetation. Within the holiday resort is the Oguta motel which has sixty flexible room suites, a 500 capacity banquet hall, two giant generators for uninterrupted power supply, police post etc.
Recreation facilities include an eighteen golf course, children’s play ground, lawn tennis court, boating, fishing, water skiing, yachting and swimming.
Other side attractions include visit to Ogbuide blue lake, Urashi Brown river, natural confluence of Oguta lake and Urashi river, relics of gunboat destroyed by the Biafran soldiers, the colonial jetty, the famous Ojukwu bunker with a tunnel that runs under the lake connecting both banks of the lake, residences of Douglas, Joe Allen, Lever Brothers and host of other famous colonial masters who lived in the area.
One can get to the holiday resort from Onitsha/Owerri road, stop at Mgbidi town, turn right to Oguta I or from Owerri/Onitsha road, and stop at Ogbaku through Izombe to Oguta II, a 36km distance. The lake is of immense value to the people of Oguta, Orsu, Nkwesi and Awo. In the colonial era, the Oguta Lake was a port for the evacuation of palm products and the relics of the jetties used by the United African Company (U. A. C.) still exist today. During the civil war, the Oguta Lake was a marine base for the Biafran Navy. Visitors can take a cruise on the lake or play a round of golf on the 18-hole course on the bank of the lake.



Source of Urashi

The source of Urashi River: is a spring which has mysterious source from a rope like feather stretching from a mountainous substance, is Located in Ezeama community in Dikenafai in Ideato-south LGA. The spring has a collection of small ways accumulated with a drift. The spring is believed to have been the source from time immemorial and from there the source, what is known today as Urashi River which stretches from Ideato south to north, terminating in Oguido (the blue lake and Urashi River). Here you still come to appreciate nature where two bodies of water flow parallel to each other but do not mix.
In 1967, a white man tried to harness the spring to a tourist haven, but could not complete it due to forces Maguire. He built a 52 flight of staircases at the base of the spring.



Iyi Okwu SpringIyi Okwu Spring
Iyi Okwu spring is located at Okwuepe village in Ebenese Ihioma autonomous community in Orlu LGA. The spring, which gushes out from a rock on the hill in pipe-like manner laid by nature is very clean and pure as it rushes with intensity downwards. Up there on the hill, coal was discovered. During the Nigerian-Biafran civil war, there was mining of coal carried out at the site by the Biafran government. It was also discovered that a substance like gas was emitted during the course of mining activities. Iyi Okwu spring has a link with the Iyi Ngodo Lake via Ezize stream then to Urashi River





Abadaba Lake Resort

Abadaba Lake Resort:  The lake resort which is situated in Obowo LGA has a fresh and muddy colour water body which is festooned with a luxuriant raffia palm and bamboo trees adding to its aestheticism. The lake is accessed through Owerri/Umuahia road, stop at Avutu.